In this artist spotlight, get to know Zach Williams who heads out on the Air1 Positive Hits Tour beginning Thursday, September 13, 2018.

It was only after Zach sustained an injury in college that he turned to playing guitar and eventually ended up in a southern rock band; but, life wasn't quite as wonderful as it seemed...

"I was living hard. I was miserable and everybody around me could see it," Zach says. "In 2012 we had a tour booked to Europe and I just remember thinking to myself, 'it's time to make a change.' But, I didn't know if I was strong enough to do it on my own..."

Did someone show up to help Zach? Watch the rest of his inspiring testimony to find out:

When Zach first started writing songs, it was simple. These days, he's older and has gone through more. Reflecting on this he says: 

"It's a really cool thing being a songwriter and just being able to really document seasons of your life."

During the writing and producing process for his songs, Zach taps into his experience with both tragedies and triumphs, crafting anthems that remind people of God's power over the circumstances that threaten our peace.

His songs, "Chainbreaker" and "Fear Is A Liar" are all about re-defining how we look at those circumstances. Thinking back on how he persevered through dead end road after dead end road. Zach says...

"It's been through Jesus and not on my own doing ... He broke all those chains that I had basically given myself. Just looking back and thinking of all the things I struggled with throughout my life, in writing this song I realized that not only can Jesus break my chains; but, if you are struggling with addictions or just your own personal hang-ups, He can break those chains. All you have to do is surrender your life to Him."

Filming for "Fear Is A Liar"'s music video took place in Nashville, Tennessee. In this peek behind the scenes, we get to learn how the actors personally related to, and interpreted, each of their roles. Watch to the end and hear how Zach has his own struggles with lies... 

"Old Church Choir" is a celebration of an overflowing heart: 

"I've got an old church choir singing in my soul
I've got a sweet salvation and it's beautiful
I've got a heart overflowing cause I've been restored
No there ain't nothing gonna steal my joy
No there ain't nothing gonna steal my joy." - Lyrics from "Old Church Choir" by Zach Williams

To hear these songs, and more, in person. Grab your tickets to the Air1 Positive Hits Tour. Also on tour with Zach are We Are Messengers, Joshua Micah, Aaron Cole and Branan Murphy.