These new songs are birthed out of places of growth for both Hollyn & Gawvi. And, their music videos reflect aspects of each artist's story, see for yourself:

Gawvi "Fight For Me (feat. Lecrae)" [Official Music Video] 

“Whether it's God, or another person, I want to communicate the idea that through all the battles in life and passionate things you believe in, you want to feel like someone is fighting for you. But there's a twist, in the end, you need to fight for yourself as well.” - Gawvi

"I need you to fight for me
When I don't know what I believe
Why does everybody leave
Show me what its like to dream"
 -Lyrics from "Fight For Me (feat. Lecrae)" by Gawvi

Hollyn "Isaac" [Official Music Video]

"It was just a season of completely letting go of everything that I thought I knew and trusting that He had something better for me." - Hollyn

"I will lift my hands (I'll lift my hands and surrender to You)
So, I will lift my hands (I'll just say yes, I'll just say yes, yeah)
Even when I feel like I'm gonna break
I know what You said to me never changes"
 -Lyrics from "Isaac" by Hollyn